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Key Service in Vienna
Lockout Services


We are available 24/7 for you
We open doors at the fixed price of 55€

Contact us:
+43 681 207 893 26


We provide following Services:

Key Service in Viena are keen to help you, when you can`t open the doors or when your key got stuck in the сore lock. We also provide locks installation as well as cylinder replacing. Lockout Services in Viena can install alarm system, barbell lock, door bar or cross spacers lock and other locking systems.

Attention! Attention! Attention!
( Access rights )
Before opening of the doors, client has to identify himself (photo identification document, residence registration).

Door opening - fixed price of € 55 (08:00 - 18:00)
(ordinary door)
Evening additional payment (18:00 - 22:00) 35€
Night additional payment (22:00-08:00) 40€
Additional payment at the weekends or on holidays is €40
Call 24h a day: +43 681 207 893 26

While working with security doors, fire-resistant double-layer doors and analogous cases, we take on an additional price of 40€.
If it takes us more than 20 minutes of working time to open heavy doors, you have to pay an extra 15€ per every next 10 minutes.

Lock & Key Service Vienna 24h a day

Available for you

Can’t open the door or you`ve lost the keys?

And are you confused? This is not a problem for us! Key Service in Viena work all day round!
Call Key Service Schlussel-Art for detailed information :
+43 681 207 893 26

Schlussel-Art services:

We are available for you even at the weekends and on holidays. We have reasonable prices. Despite of district where You live we arrive through 25 minutes to help you.

Extra Services:

We can install either Cylinder Locks or Door bars and Door rod locks for your additional protection from robbers.

Key Service in Viena

are always ready to help if the door is broken, You have lost the keys or simply can`t open the door. 55€ - our fixed price
Evening additional payment (18:00 - 22:00) 35€
Night additional payment (22:00-08:00) 40€
Additional payment at the weekend or on holidays is 40€

Call 24h a day: +43 681 207 893 26 – the Vienna locksmiths

Emegency Service throughout Viena: